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Google's Pixel 2 reported to launch in October

13 September 2017 - 22:05


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The upcoming second version of the flagship phones by Google; Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL are reported to launch on the 5th of October this year - which makes it an year after their first Pixel devices that came out on 4th October 2016.

According to rumours, the new Pixel devices are going to built by HTC once again, and it is said to come with  a much slimmer body than their originals, along with an improved camera. In addition to that, the devices are going to be equipped with the new Snapdragon 836 chip - which Qualcomm has not announced yet.

Other improvements from their first versions are; following the patterns of Apple and removing the headphone jacks, squeezable edges - meaning the frames are pressure sensitive therefore when held tightly it can do tasks such as opening the camera or turning on the flash light, water resistant, and front-facing stereo speakers.

When it comes to the design, the glass surface on the back of the phone that covered up the fingerprint sensor is expected to be smaller - and higher than the sensor. It is unsure whether Google will follow the bezel-less look, but it will certainly be a big improvement as most rivals are doing the same. 

The Pixel 2 is said launch with Google's latest version of Andrioid 'O', and are likely to stick with their price of their first devices. Rumours do sugest a $50 increase however no exact pricing has been mentioned. 

Google Pixel was a hit last year when it came to the markets for the very first time. The company has to do a lot to satisfy exisiting users and intrigue others to switch to their smartphone. We'll just have to wait till the launch to see how it can compete with other devices such as the Samsung Galaxy S8, LG G6, and the upcoming iPhone's. 


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