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iPhone 8 could be Apple's most expensive smartphone yet

19 July 2017 - 21:48


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Unveiling of Apple's new iPhones for this year is just two months away. We are already aware that Apple will be releasing three iphone's this year; 7s, 7s Plus, and the iPhone 8. 

For a long time, we have been hearing about the extraordinary 10th anniversary smartphone that Apple will be releasing this year. Apparently, the anticipated iPhone 8 might not be coming out along with 7s and 7s Plus, due to production issues. This means that there could be a delay in getting your hands on it. 

According to an analyst's report seen by AppleInsider in an to investors, Robert Cihra from Guggenheim states that, even though iPhone 8 faces delays in releasing, it will not be hurting the stock of the company as people are predicting it would. 

Robert Cihra says that the fiscal year of 2018, and the holiday quarter for Apple will be "its biggest in three years." He expresses his belief in which he says that the demand for Apple's smartphone will not reduce even if it is launched later than expected. Though a specific pricing for the iPhone 8 was not stated in the note, Cihra claims that it could be a lot more expensive than the iPhone 7s with a difference of over $400 in starting price. 

The iPhone 7 released in 2016, was priced at $649 for the cheapest model, which means that the iPhone 7s might start out at the same cost as well. If the estimation of Robert Cihra is correct, then the starting price of the iPhone 8 might be approximately $1,049. 

The completely redesigned 10th anniversary iPhone of Apple is expected to come out with a bezel-less 5.1 inch OLED display, with the touch ID either included on the screen itself (with no homebutton), or placed on the power button on the side. 

We have heard many variations of the iPhone 8, however we will not know for sure until the company themselves unveils the phone. But be prepared as it is believed to cost more than the previous iPhones and the 7s line that will be released along with it this year, due to the difference in how it has been made.


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