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Is Apple going to use FaceID on all iPhones next year?

26 September 2017 - 00:08


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GSMArena reports that Ming-Chi Kuo - a KGI Analyst has made a prediction that Apple will drop the fingerprint reader entirely, using FaceID for all the iPhones to be released next year.

Ming-Chi Kuo has been pretty accurate on his predictions, as he previously said that Apple will not include the fingerprint reader for their iPhone devices this year. However he has been wrong about certain things - such as having a function area at the bottom of the screen instead of the home button. 

Apple released three devices this year, with one featuring just facial recognition technology to unlock the device. While the iPhone 8 and 8 plus still have a finger print reader (and a home button), the iPhone X comes with an edge-to-edge display that can only be unlocked by looking at the phone. 

According to the KGI analyst, Apple will be relying on the new 'Kinect-like' TrueDepth camera for their facial recognition system. Not only does the camera offer authentication by looking at the phone, it also introduced a new feature that enables emojis to mimick live facial expressions and it is called 'Animojis.'

GSMArena states that "the in-display fingerprint reader reportedly remains a challenge as Apple’s 3D Touch makes the display panel thicker than on most phones.

If the iPhone X succeeds with the FaceID system, there is no doubt that Apple will let go of the fingerprint reader next year. But if it fails, then they might stick with it, or provide another innovative way for authentication. We can only find out when their special edition 10th anniversary iPhone X comes out in November. 


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