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Own an Android? You can now take better selfies!

04 September 2017 - 14:41


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Though iPhone devices are not something you want in your hand, you must have felt a little jealous over the flashing screen when an iPhone owner takes a selfie. You must have wondered about why their pictures look so much better than yours, and how you can improve yours. Well, Google has finally added a solution to that!

When it comes to photography, it should be admitted that Android devices are a little behind the iPhone. REgardless, good things are always being created and Google has provided something to definitely be happy about! The company has rolled out a major update for the Google Camera app, which includes a long-awaited 'Selfie Flash.'

The update is available for anyone that owns a Google Pixel or Nexus devices using Android 7.1.1 and above, whilst devices with Android version 4.4 and above can download the Google Camera app straight from the Google playstore (if you don't already have it).

The new update includes multiple minor changes that improves the photography experience with Google Camera. The most noteworthy change of all is the selfie Flash. Prior to this update, Google Camera users had a hard time taking a good selfie in a dark place. Another app was required, or maybe turning the phone around to use the rear camera.

Now, when you take a 'selfie' or turn on your front facing camera, you will see the option of turning the flash on or off. When the shutter is clicked with the flash on, the phone's screen will fill with a bright creamish kind of colour to shine some light, producing a brighter result especially in low-light settings. While it might not be perfect, it creates better low-light selfies than before.

In addition to the selfie flash, the update provided Google Camera with quick-zooming by double tapping to zoom in and out. Previously, users had to adjust using the zoom bar itself. Moreover Google has made it easier for users to switch between the photo and video modes, with a button right next to the shutter.

The new updates does not bring too much to the Google Camera, but it is enough to make things a lot easier for the users.


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