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People can record and save your snaps on iOS 11

21 September 2017 - 16:11


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We must always be careful about what we share on social media.

Snapchat has prevented people from saving what we snap, by letting us know when a user takes a screenshot. However with the new iOS 11 'screen recording' feature, iPhone users will be able to record and save the disappearing snaps. 

With the recent iOS 11 update for iPhone, users are now able to record their screen by going into the Settings app, tapping Control Centre and Customize Controls - then adding the 'screen recording' feature. When it is enables, users can record what is on their screen by swiping up from the bottom ofthe screen and tapping the circular record button.

As of now, the person who sent the snap will not be notified when someone is recording. However, a spokesperson for Snapchat informed Mashable that an upcoming update (version 10.17.5), will detect the screen-recording tool and alert the users. But this will only happen if the person recording has updated their Snapchat app.

Apps that offer screen recording have been available on Android for a while now. But it is being directly available to iPhone and iPad users for the first time - and it is straight from Apple. 

It is beneficial to be aware that snapchatters can still save your messages either by taking a screenshot (of which you will be notified) or by other means - such as using someone else's phone to record what is happening, or by a screen recording app. Even though snapchat is working on a feature that informs their users when a person is recording, we must always be cautious of what we send.

No matter how 'safe' an app may seem to be, it will not be 100 percent safe. So share what you share carefully. 


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