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The new iPhones will come in three colours, and it does not include the Rose Gold!

13 August 2017 - 18:19


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We all know that Apple is planning on releasing an upgraded version of their iPhone for their 10th anniversary. With leaks and prototypes everywhere, it is quite possible that we are already seeing what it will look like once Apple officially unveils it. We have come across the design several times, as well as the endless talks about the features. But have you heard about the colours the new iPhone 8, iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s plus is going to come in? 

Apple has used four basic colours for their recent smartphones: Space Grey, Silver, Rose Gold, and Gold, with two extra colour options released for the iPhone 7: Black and Jet Black. Apparently, according to MacRumors, Apple has decided to drop some of their colours and just release three options. 

Ming-Chi Kuo, a KGI securities analyst has unveiled that the upcoming iPhones will be available in just three colours: black, silver and gold. This means that the widely populor 'Rose Gold' iPhone as well as the Space grey options, will be no more. MacRumour states that the news regarding the colours fit in with a leak that showed three models the iPhone in the mentioned colours. 

But, the gold does not seem to be, well.. gold. It has more of a copper tone, which could mean that Apple might introduced a new colour (i.e, copper gold), or it is simply not an accurate display depiction of the colours. Regardless, we can see that that is definitely not Rose Gold. Does that make you sad? Maybe a little bit, right? 

Though rumours have stated that Apple would delay release and shipping of the iPhone 8, Kuo now suggests that all three iPhone models are expected to be released in 2017. Still, this is unconfirmed news as we have to hear from the company itself to know anything for sure. Which will not happen until their September keynote, therefore the only thing we can do is just wait. 

But could it really be the end of rose gold iPhones?


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