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5 tips to make a gassy baby feel better

30 June 2017 - 02:52


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Do you have a gassy baby? We have listed down five tips that can help your baby feel better! Although if none of it works at home, go to the doctor as soon as possible.

1. Is gas the issue?

When a baby cries, it can be hard to determine whether it is because they are tired, hungry, or simply cranky. Feel around the baby's tummy and if its tight to the touch and harder than normal. Another sign of a gassy tummy is when your baby starts pumping their legs upwards and downwards, as well as squirming in your arms. 

2. Prevent it before it occurs

All babies have gas, this is due to their immature digestive systems and meals taken right round the clock. If your baby is struggling during feeding time, try to ensure that he/she is sitting more upright. For bottle fed baby's, check that extra air is not getting into the bottle's nipple during feeding. Whereas, breast feeders must take note of their diet during days the baby seems more gassy than usual, and try to reduce or completely eliminate that particular food which may be the cause.

3. Elevate the bottom

If your gassy baby is having trouble with passing gas, rest his/her tummy down with her bottom elevated towards the air. Gently rub your baby's back for ease and to help the gas pass. Do keep in mind to never leave your baby unattended while he/she is lying on her tummy.

4. The bicycle exercise

If the third tip does not help at all, move on to a bit of exercising. Place the baby on his/her back and pump the legs in a rotation motion, imitating riding a bicycle. While doing this, move the baby's body every now and then, which can help him/her find relief.

5. Try medicine

If none of the tricks work, and if your baby seems to be in too much pain then try giving gas medicine. However, before you do this, always consult the baby's doctor first to ensure that your baby is given the best medicine that will work for him/her.


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