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Expert tips to raise a good sleeper

20 July 2017 - 23:13


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From babies to grown ups, we all need sleep. We usually have to fix a sleep cycle and ensure that we follow it, otherwise we just end up laying wide awake at night and feeling sleepy in the morning. Even baby's need a good sleep cycle, however the little ones need the help of their parents to become a better sleeper. 

Parents might not be aware that certain bedtime habits can result in a bad sleeper. However, there's always things that new parents can learn to train their baby bedtime habits. 

According the Lisa Furuland, founder of DockATot, here are some tips that can aid you to raise a good sleeper.

Put the baby to bed before they fall asleep

New parents, and sometimes second or third time parents still practice the habit of not putting the baby down until he or she has completely fallen asleep. However, a study published in the journal JAMA Pediatrics indicates that the presence of parents until until the baby starts to fall asleep is a key factor that prevents them from getting at least six consecutive hours of sleep at night. 

It might not be easy to put your little one down to sleep independently, however practicing this can produce great results as your baby grows older. The key is to put the baby down when she is half awake, and not completely in a state of sleep.

Eliminate midnight feedings (if possible)

The study in JAMA Pediatrics further states that “the factor most strongly associated with not sleeping at least six consecutive hours per night at five months of age was feeding the child after an awakening.”

According to experts, by the time the baby is four to six months old, they are ready to wean from their midnight feeding, just as long as they get the required amount of calories during the day. Regardless, the best way and time to feed your baby will be solely your decision. If you are having doubt though, always consult your doctor.

Pay attention to your baby's sleep habits

If the baby is kept awake with the intention of tiring them out, it can lead to them waking up frequently or experience difficulty in falling asleep. Over-tiring a baby will not sleep longer than when they are extremely tired, but the result will be opposite as their sleep will be shorter. 

Understand how your baby sleeps, let them sleep longer then only will they stay asleep. You can notice that if they skip a nap or have a bad sleep during the day then those nights are when they sleep the worst.

Follow a regular bedtime

Babies that have a consistent bedtime, and are familiar with practice of going to sleep result in better sleepers. Have a routine that creates the impression for your baby that their bed time is coming. Whether it involves having a bath, brushing teeth and changing into pajamas, or singing a lullaby and reading a book, establish a consistent schedule so your baby can identify that sleep will follow next.

It is best to follow the same steps in order every night so your baby will understand better, and you will have a good sleeper.


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