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Feel & Look great during Pregnancy

07 April 2017 - 00:47


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Pregnancy can bring on a surge of clashing emotions. As upbeat as you might be about the new life developing inside you, you're vanishing waist and growing stomach may make you feel awkward in your own body.

Just remind yourself that all these changes are happening for a good reason: You're creating a new human being! 

As you anticipate that unique day when your baby will be conceived, you're anticipating that your waistline should grow! However, did you realize that pregnancy influences your body in different ways? At a very early stage in your pregnancy, hormones make your breast feel full and delicate. Hormones can likewise bring about episodes of morning sickness, particularly in the first trimester. You may feel truly drained and need to take more rest. Frequently these things will show signs of improvement in the second trimester.

With that in mind, here we share few advice according to research by experts to help keep you looking – and feeling – your best during your pregnancy

Exercise & stay active 

Exercising during pregnancy gives you more strength and prepares your body for the physical stress of labor. It can be a challenge getting off your bed or couch when you feel bloated & sick to your stomach. Be that as may resist urge to just daydream on bed. Though even taking a 10-15 minute walk or doing a bit of yoga will allow you feeling energized & feeling more like your pre-pregnancy self. You can also pick a low- affect exercise like swimming as it puts no pressure on your joints or ligaments. Swimming is also considers as the safest exercise for pregnant women according to experts

Make sure to drink a lot of water, and quit practicing on the off chance that you feel dazed or black out.

Maintain glow on your skin

Pregnancy hormones that send your feelings into overdrive can likewise cause ruin on your skin too. Plus, it’s also not a myth that pregnant ladies often “glow” because of greater blood flow and more oil fabrication in the skin. 

However you may experience some different changes to your skin unlike the glow including melisma, a discoloration of facial skin, more breakout, irritated skin and stretch marks. For most women, the discoloration gradually fades after delivery, but a good moisturizer can work wonders anywhere your skin feels dry – including your growing belly and also it’s the best way to prevent that irritating itchy feeling as your belly expands. 

Massage & get your spa treatment

A spa day can be a greatest delight during pregnancy. Message can relieve tension and soothes those muscle aches and throbbing painfulness.  Many spa medications are safe yet stay away from those that raise your body temperature such as sauna & mud baths.

There is nothing like being pampered for an hour or two just know that your skin might be more delicate than usual to spa treatments like facials.

Yoga to Relax

Yoga can relax your body and calm your mind. You'll have better stability as your focal point of gravity movements. Get help from a certified instructor on which poses you can do safely and also consult with your doctor before starting any activity, including yoga.

Power of Makeup

"Makeup can do wonders during pregnancy. It is especially important during this time when many women feel like they've lost control of their own body & it can be as a great tool for them to feel pretty & in control.

However your skin is will be changing and your makeup routine may require freshening up, as well. In the event that your skin feels dry, apply fluid or cream foundation. On the off chance that it gets oily, try powder foundation and become blush.

Bit of concealer to hide the dark circles and uneven skin tone. Apply gentle shades and a light touch while applying cosmetics. Make sure to read the labels on your makeup products and avoid anything containing mercury.

Hair care- Avoid extreme hairstyles

Your hair may feel thicker and fuller. One of the perks of pregnancy hormones is that you don't lose as much hair as you regularly would.  Some women also notice that their hair is more shinier or the texture changes

Just remember that these differences in hair texture and volume aren't permanent, after delivery you might lose more hair than expected, so avoid making drastic changes to your hair. 

Not to worry after few months of delivery your hair growth should returned to normal.

Eating Healthy

You will surely need some additional calories when “eating for two” however choose those additional calories wisely from all the healthy nutrition types including grains, fruits and veggies, meats, beans and dairy.

Avoid undercooked meals & types of fish that are high in mercury. Remember what you intake affects you and the baby therefore eat healthy.

Keep yourself Hydrated.

Don’t wait until you are thirsty to drink .Keep yourself properly hydrated at all times as it will help maintain your energy level up & helps prevent bladder infection & constipation.

Drink plenty of fluids, make sure to stick with water and juices & non caffeinated drinks.

Just Remember you’re pregnant, glowing, and beautiful.


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