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Helpful strategies for parenting your toddler’s

23 April 2017 - 15:50


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Most kids experience periods where they're experimenting with new behaviors. They are just trying to test your reactions and learning about their general surroundings. Our instinct as guardians is to let them know "no" and to stop the behavior quickly, either because we believe it’s wrong or just other people believe it’s wrong and we’re humiliated in public because of it.

The more you tell a child that their behavior isn't right, the more they need to do it. All things considered, because they're getting a response from you which is what they are looking for. To change the behavior, you have to bond with your kid and change the "bad" behavior into a fun and senseless behavior.

Hitting parents or siblings

If your child goes through a hitting phrase as many kids do, you can suggest that instead of hitting, your child tickles you in the chin and when they do, you let out a huge laugh. Toddlers will find this hilarious and it is a redirection from hitting and a way for you to connect instead of scolding.

Not listening

If your child isn’t listening to something you’re asking, don’t yell to get their attention or grab whatever is occupying them. Instead, say something silly like, “Are your ears clogged? Are there cotton balls in your ears?” and go check in their ears.


If your child likes to scream loudly and this is inconvenient to you because you’re in a public place or because it simply pains your ears, teach your child to scream with no sound. Together with your kid, open your mouths really wide as if you are screaming, but teach him or her to be silent. Silent screams are silly to kids and you can do this together.

Siblings fight

It’s unavoidable that siblings will fight with each other, but that doesn’t mean you have to pull out the mean mom act every time. Sometimes kids deserve a chance to stop, rewind, and re-do.

Tell your kids to act like they’re rewinding a movie. Have a discussion about what other choices can be made. Allow your kids to try again and make different decisions. It’s important to teach kids that people make mistakes and you can apologize and make a new decision. Maybe next time they’ll think about the behavior in advance and hold back from doing it.

Throwing things

This one of the most common thing noticed, babies and toddlers love to throw stuff. They are excited by watching items go up and then down or fly across the room. The trouble starts when the thrown item is food, which ends up staining your floor, or something heavy or sharp, which can be dangerous or something expensive. Therefore Set aside a time to throw together with your kid. Throw pillows on the floor or throw pretend food into baskets.


If your child asks for something and is denied, it’s likely that tears, whining, and tantrums will definitely follow. So before this tornado of emotions happens, use rhymes or silly senseless statements to grab your child’s attention and engage them in something silly. Redirect your child away from what he or she was upset about by using a mixture of language development and silliness & fun.


Whenever child appears to be lacking patience, start singing. If you’re waiting in line at a store and the whining starts, get your kid to sing a song with you. If you’re feeding your baby and your toddler wants some attention, start singing a song he knows and loves. Singing is soothing for both child and parent and puts everyone in a better mood.

The horrifying “Why, why, why……?”

There comes this face when child gets to the age where any statement from you will always be followed by a “Why”?? Well you will definitely wish you never knew the word. You can keep on answering all her “whys” but your child will probably continue saying “why”

Rather say "I wonder… “Ask your kid what they think and give them the certainty to come up with an answer. Notwithstanding whether their answer is correct or wrong, it will surely start a conversation between two of you.


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