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How to Strengthen your Father-Daughter Relationship!

20 July 2017 - 18:13


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As a father, the relationship you have with your daughter is hugely important, and it will stay with her for the rest of her life, affecting and influencing future relationships. The father daughter relationship is, perhaps, one of the strongest bonds that can ever develop between two human beings. In fact, father daughter relationship is the first male-female relationship of a woman.

A solid father-daughter relationship is essential for the mental health and well-being of a little girl as she grows up. Though moms are usually thought of as the nurturers of the family, dads play an equally important role in raising strong, confident daughters. Maintaining this relationship will help your girls as they transition through the teenage years and into adulthood. & help build her self-esteem, self-image, confidence and opinions of men.

By improving your relationship now and making a real effort to have a positive relationship in the future, not only will you have good times together and a strong bond, you will also be helping your daughter to build confidence in herself and to have an expectation of being treated properly by other men in her life.

The importance of the father-daughter relationship has been highlighted time and again by researchers. Dr. Gail Gross-Human Behavior, Parenting, and Education Expert, noted in an article published on the Huffington Post that fathers have important roles to play in the life of their children. For girls, a father who is kind, loving, and gentle will provide a guiding light for her when she is older. These adult women will in turn look for partners who share these qualities.

However while fathers certainly love all their children, it sure seems that more dads spend a lot more time with their sons. Perhaps they think that they have more in common with their boys, or maybe they are a little intimidated by the girls. But with a little more understanding, fathers can feel just as comfortable around their daughters as they do their sons. It is certainly important for fathers to connect with their daughters.

A positive father-daughter relationship can have a huge impact on a young girl's life and even determine whether or not she develops into a strong, confident woman. Therefore given the importance of the father-daughter relationship, what can you do to nurture that special bond with your daughter as they transition through the teenage years and into adulthood?

The following tips offer advice on how to build and sustain that bond:

Love and respect her Mom

The most important relationship that will influence your daughter is the one you have with her mom. Treat your partner with love and respect, value her opinions and show your daughter that you have an equal relationship.

If your daughter sees that you belittle their mom, you are only causing a big gap between you and your daughter. If you are not with your daughter's mom, or if you have relationship difficulties, you still need to show your daughter a positive male and female relationship and find something to respect or admire in your daughter's mom and should treat her with consideration. Carry this attitude into dealing with all the women in your life. 

Demonstrate Your Feelings

Show your daughter how much you love her too. Hug her, pat her back and rock her when she cries. She needs to know she can count on you to comfort and love her. When she feels secure in that love, your bond will deepen as she learns that she can trust you. Above all, tell her that you love her, that you're proud of her and that you're glad you get to be her dad.  Even though she gets older, she still needs you just as much as when she was a little girl. Make an effort to care about the things she enjoys,

Keep Strengthening the Bond

A father and his daughter can be two absolutely different personalities. They may have different likes and preferences. Obviously, the generation gap also contributes to the differences between the two. Hence, it is important to understand and accept each other. 

Though however old you daughter is, it is important to spend some good quality time together. This can help to improve a relationship that is going through a tough time and to strengthen a positive relationship further. Make an effort to be involved in whatever activities it is that she cares about -- whether this is dance, art, or music for example -- or simple things like taking a walk/ ride together or watching a movie.

Build Confidence

Speak to your daughter about school, about her friends and her interests. Ask questions and be interested. Tell her how proud you are of her achievements. Remember that girls now are often insecure about how they look and it can really help if you pay her an appropriate compliment. A father’s compliments can have more weight than a mother’s can. If you make her feel loved and lovable, then she will expect the same from other men in her life.


If your daughter is young enough to still want a bedtime story – don’t leave this to her mom. This is a great way to spend time together, especially if you have been at work all day. It can provide an opportunity to chat about her day and yours, as well. This way you will know about each other’s lives and have a basis for communication. As your daughter gets older, she will spend more time with her peers and may be more reluctant to chat with you. Let her know you are there for her without being pushy and overbearing. If she comes to you to talk, put off whatever you are doing and take the opportunity to spend some time with her.

Any man can father a child, but it takes a real man to be a dad. Your daughter’s future will benefit immensely from your presence in her life at all stages. Provide her with a good role model and be there to support and encourage her

Taking care of your father-daughter bond isn't always easy either. You are the most important man in your little girl's life, and the value you place on that relationship sends a powerful message to her that she matters. You might not always agree with her choices or her interests, but when you support her and guide her no matter what, your bond will continue to grow and solidify.

- Always a daddy's girl-

Every father has undoubtedly heard the phrase “daddy’s little girl.” This popular saying speaks volumes about the importance of the relationship between a father and his daughter. If you’re able to keep these thing in mind, you can certainly create a loving and secure relationship with your daughter.


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