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The pros of both parents working

15 September 2017 - 18:18


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There are a lot of cases listing out the cons of working parents and suggesting that the ideal parenting arrangement is one working parent and one stay-at-home parent acting as a full-time caregiver, this might not be possible for many, and not ideal for others. Many families cannot afford to live on just one income, and not all parents want to split their duties so sharply.

Families that gets two income, have a better financial footing with a lowered chance of experiencing financial stress. This benefit is not just the parents, but for the children who are not immune to worrying about the money situation of the family. In addition to that, earning more money means that kids go to higher-quality daycare, gets early education, and even the possibility of private schooling. Families can obtain better health care, save for children's college, enjoy more weekends and night outs as families, and take frequent holidays that are much nicer and longer than they might otherwise be able to forward with one income.

Parents that decide to pursue a family with dual incomes by working outside the house, might often have a sense of guilt or concern over the child's lessen access to a parent. However there are advantages for children that have two working parents. For instance, children learns to respect and adapt other adults who supervise them, promoting socialization. Children that attend daycare has regular contact with peers, developing their social skills such as sharing, working as a group, and taking turns in doing tasks. Moreover it can influence the child's relationship with their parents, viewing the workplace as a field that either gender can equally and fully compete.

Pros of working parents goes beyond their bank account and children. Couples that share their duties equally are much happier, with the ability to better relate to one another, and enjoy a greate sense of harmony in the household. It is important for working couple's to be balanced when it comes to co-parenting, co-ordinating activities and facilitating the child's school events as a team. 

However, even the positives turn into negatives if being working parents means neglecting the child, not spending time with them or each other, and simply focusing on money instead of the well-being of your child and the entire family.


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