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Do you know about Instagram's Banana Artist?

03 June 2017 - 02:54


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We all know that banana is a fruit filled with nutritious benefits. It can be consumed in various ways from adding it to a dessert, making a delicious drink, or simply just eating as it is. Bananas are wonderful (for those who like it), but there is a man on Instagram who has taken this tasty fruit to a whole other level.

Stephan Brusche is a 39 year old man from Rotterdam, in Netherlands. He had a normal job as a graphic designer, but now he is a famous artist on instagram with about 52.2k followers; who makes 'Fruitdoodle's' (as he likes to call it) from bananas!

According to Stephen, he was not intending to create art from Bananas. In fact, he did not even use Instagram before! He joined this popular photo sharing social media platform after his wife told him that he can use it to promote his illustrations and comics that he did in his spare time. One day, during lunch hour at his office he had made the decision to post a picture on Instagram, in that moment he had noticed a banana left from his lunch. Thus, his unique art began!

" I wanted to test out Instagram filters when I was at the office. There wasn’t nice scenery or anything fun to draw or take a picture of, but I did have a banana from lunch. So I figured, what if I drew a little happy face on it? I discovered it’s actually pretty pleasant to draw on a banana with a ballpoint pen. The texture of the peel and the pen is really smooth. The next day I thought, let’s do another face. And then I thought, let’s see what else I can come up with to draw on the banana. From that point on I started experimenting and I never stopped. " Stephen said in an Interview given to Chiquita.

Stephen had made a fruitdoodle with a grumpy face the following day, and after that he started to challenge himself with different types of drawings on bananas. After a few of his fruitdoodle Instagram posts, he had come to realize that his banana art was getting more attention and 'likes' rather than his other works, and so he made the decision to focus on it even more.

When it comes down to how he gets his ideas for the fruitdoodles, Stephen has explained that once he gets a banana (to draw) he takes a picture and sketch out the idea in his mind on Adobe Photoshop. Afterwards, he uses the Photoshop sketch as a reference to draw on the actual banana.

Speaking about his favourite fruitdoodle in an interview with Chiquita, Stephen said that 'The Fishbone' Banana was a turning point for him.

" I drew a fish on it— I got the head right, I got the tail right, but I messed up the middle part. I thought it was ruined, but then I thought, let’s take away the peel and see if I can save it by doing something else with it. I started to carve [the bones] into the banana itself, and the result was 100 times more interesting than just the drawing would have been. "

He further added that the struggle with the fishbone provided him a way to standout from other banana artists and start making 3-D effect by cutting pieces of the peel. 

The Instagram page of Stephen Brusche (@isteef) has hundreds of fruitdoodles that he has created with bananas. However, there are a few others which he has made by using a pear, a kiwi, and a one that involves cherry tomatoes. 

If you are a fan of bananas, or art, or neither, you are still going to love his amazing banana fruitdoodles!


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