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Interesting Facts about the billionaire Mark Zuckerberg

11 May 2017 - 17:34


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Mark Zuckerberg is one of the most recognizable CEOS in the world, and what he has achieved at 32 years of age is really amazing.

Despite the fact that more than a billion clients rush to Facebook consistently and he has donated billions of dollars to medicinal research through the Chan Zuckerberg, its important  recall that he's still a human being with strange habits, much the same as every other person. 

Read on to learn some astonishing facts about the Facebook founder..

He nearly worked for Microsoft.

When he was a senior in high school he co-created an app called Synapse Media Player, an MP3 player that monitored the client's favorite tunes and made playlists based on their choices, basically an early Spotify or Pandora.

Microsoft sought to acquire the company and its founders, but instead of working for the Seattle tech giant, Zuckerberg and co-creator Adam D’Angelo  -- who went on to found Quora -- got a patent for the tech and went to college instead.

He was inventing in middle school.

When he was 12, he invented an instant messaging program that he named ZuckNet so his dentist father could know when patients arrived.

He has startling pop culture tastes.

One of his most loved books is The Aeneid, and one of his most loved TV shows is The West Wing, which was made by Aaron Sorkin, the man who also composed the motion picture based on the creation of Facebook, The Social Network.

He's known for being economical.

Despite the fact that today he has a beautifully appointed home that is controlled by an AI butler with Morgan Freeman's voice, which he mentioned in a meeting with The New Yorker in 2010, he said that he discovered the majority of his apartments on ‘Craigslist’.

His vision is the reason for Facebook's color scheme.

Facebook's logo is blue because that Zuckerberg has red-green visual weakness.

He wasn't generally a high- level coder. 

He initially figured out how to code from a C++ for Dummies book. 

He's multilingual. 

He's consistently been keen ancient dialects, for example, Latin, and he can communicate in Mandarin. 

He turned down many offers to sell Facebook

Numerous enormous organizations wanted to check if he needed to sell –namely .. NewsCorp, MySpace, Viacom, Yahoo, NBC, Microsoft (once more) and Google all put their caps in the ring - however Zuckerberg held firm with his decision not to sell.

He and his better half's initially meeting was somewhat unfavourable. 

While Zuckerberg and his better half Dr. Priscilla Chan are currently parents and major philanthropist’s , they met for first time in line for the restroom at a society party at Harvard. 

He's a huge admirer of Steve Jobs. 

The late Apple founder Steve’s strong leadership style evidently inspired the message he put on his first business cards: "I'm CEO, bitch."

He's on Twitter

But he is expectedly not very active on it. He has only tweeted 19 times since 2009

He can laugh at himself. 

Zuckerberg is known for being fairly clumsy, yet he composed a thankful post about Andy Samberg's impersonation of him on Saturday Night Live. 

He's a fitness enthusiast

For 2016, Zuckerberg set an objective to run 365 miles over the span of the year. And he met his objective halfway through the midyear

He admires Albert Einstein and Pablo Picasso. 

He has Einstein's quote, " Make things as simple as possible but no simpler,” and Picasso’s insight that, "All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once you grow up,” as his favorites on Facebook.

A dozen people held him deal his Facebook page. 

Zuckerberg apparently has a group of 12 individuals that tend to his Facebook account to screen the remarks, compose his posts and take the photos that end up on his page.

 He's exceptionally protective of his privacy

Zuckerberg has made some significant and controversial moves to guarantee his privacy. He purchased a $100 million plot of land in Hawaii in 2014, and as of late chosen not to sue the general population who claim bits of the property through generational ties. He additionally attempted to tear down four houses in and around his home in Palo Alto, Calif. 

He's buddies with movie star Vin Diesel. 

In a meeting with The New York Times, the action star shared what the unlikely pair's relationship resembles. 

"We were hanging out up at Facebook around two years back, and I was excited about for Fast 7. He said, 'You know what motion picture I'd most love to see is the arrival of Xander Cage.' It's at a point where if Mark and I are as one and on the off chance that I quote a line from a character I played and I do it slightly wrong, he'll correct me. It's embarrassing!"


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