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Eight things people are forbidden from doing in the presence of the Queen

09 October 2017 - 23:50


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We all know the Queen, right? While she has strict rules for the royal family to follow - and certain things that are impermissible for any member of the royal family to do. Additionally, there are certain things that people who come into the presence of the Queen (as in meet her), are not allowed to do as well. 

Here are 8 forbidden things from doing in front Queen Elizabeth II. 

1. She is not to be touched. 

But a formal handshake is acceptable. Apparently.

2. It is a must to have a gift (for her)

Even if it is just a bouqet of flowers, The Queen doesn't appreciate someone who shows up empty handed.

3. Stand when the Queen enters the room

Do not think of sitting down, even if you are tired. If you are meeting The Queen (in someway) you have stand to attention.

5. Just a handshake is not enough

It is a must to do a bow or curtsy (depending on a man or woman). 

6. Never ignore the dress code

If the event requires a black tie, wear a black tie.

7. Never use her first name (don't even think of a nickname)

It is a must to address the queen as 'Your Majesty' and 'Ma'am' consequently after. When she is about to leave, it is a must to address her as 'Your Majesty' once again.

8. Speak when spoken to

It is not allowed to speak to The Queen unless she speaks to you first. So don't even think of saying hello before she says anything (if you ever meet with her).

Honestly, meeting the Queen sounds tiring, with all the rules that we have to follow.


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