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Romania wins Neymar Jr's Five World Champion 2017

10 July 2017 - 22:01


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Organised by Redbull, the world championship of Neymar Jr's Five took place at Santos, Sao Paulo, Brazil, from 7th to 8th July. After battling it out with national champions of over 53 countries, Romania won the title of 2017's Neymar Jr's Five World Champion.

On sunday the 8th of July, Tao United - the team representing Romania beat IFC_Fives of England with a score of 1-0, and achieved the champion trophy of this year. The trophy was presented to the winning team by Neymar Jr. himself, after which they played a friendly match against Neymar Jr, Gabriel Jesus, and Djibril Cisse. 

For the first time ever, Maldives had the chance to participate in the global finals of this tournament by Redbull. The team representing Maldives - Club Teenage went on head to head with four widely known countries in the group stage, and went on to the knockout stage with 6 points after defeating Spain and India. Unfortunately, Japan scored 5 goals against Maldives and moved on to the round of 16. Several teams from world-famous countries such as; Argentina, USA, Germany, Switzerland, Portugal, Brazil itself, and more, failed to make it to the round of 16 as well.

In the semi-final of the tournament, England faced Angola and won with a score of 2:1 whilst Romania scored 4 against Sweden and achieved a spot in the final, beating England for the championship trophy.

The players of Club Teenage (left to right): Riham Abdul Ghanee (Boby), Mohamed Riffath (Rippe), Ayaaz Ahmed (Aya) , Ibrahim Mubeen Ahmed Rasheed (Mukki), Ismail Fathih (Thaadey), and Hussain Shareef (Only), displayed outstanding skills, competing with talented teams at an international level. According to exclusive information, a photograph of the team were autographed by Neymar Jr. himself, and the team had the chance of watching the football star play up close. 

After playing alongside teams of top countries in the world, successfully showing their potential and making Maldives proud, Club Teenage will be departing from Brazil to the Maldives on the 11th of July. 


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