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Trump's view on Syria changed after Chemical Attack

06 April 2017 - 02:25

Ameen Didi

An enthusiastic writer with a passion towards Politics

During a joint press conference on Wednesday with Jordanian King Abdullah, Donald Trump stated the devastating chemical attack in Syria on Tuesday has changed his view towards the brutal civil war in Syria. 

“A chemical attack so horrific, in Syria against innocent people, including women and small children and even beautiful little babies. Their death was an affront to humanity, these heinous acts by the Assad regime cannot be tolerated” said Trump

“I will tell you that attack on children yesterday had a big impact on me, big impact,” Said trump during the press conference held in the White House Rose Garden. When asked if the chemical attack crossed a red line for Trump, he responded stating “It crossed a lot of lines for me. When you kill innocent children, innocent babies, babies, little babies, with a chemical gas that is so lethal – people were shocked to hear what gas it was. That crosses many, many lines, beyond a red line, many, many lines.”

Trump also criticized former President Barack Obama’s administration for drawing and then failing to enforce a “red line” over Assad’s use of chemical weapons. 

“I now have responsibility and I will have that responsibility and carry it very proudly. It is now my responsibility, it was a great opportunity missed” claimed Trump when asked whether it is his responsibility to respond to the chemical attack.

Referring to his meeting with the president of China, President Trump also highlighted the current issue with North Korea and claimed responsibility to resolve the issue. “We have a big problem. We have somebody that is not doing the right thing, and that is going to be my responsibility. But that responsibility could have been made a lot easier if it was handled years ago,” said Trump again highlighting the failure of the Obama Administration to act upon North Korea’s Nuclear weapons project. 


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