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What is a Fidget Spinner and why is it so popular?

26 May 2017 - 21:42


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You have seen it everywhere. It is all over the internet. Almost all the shops are selling them. Kids and even adults have one between their fingers. So what are these things that called a 'Fidget Spinner'? Why are they suddenly so popular all over the world? 

Fidget, which means doing small movements because of restlessness or nervousness, is now a name of a worldwide popular toy that spins in between the fingers. It looks more like a ceiling fan or a miniature UFO, and it is placed on the thumb whilst holding the top with middle finger, and it is well.. spun. That is exactly and the only thing that it does. This has been the 'must-have toy' for the past few weeks. But what does it really do though? Other than spin in the hand?

It apparently helps a bored child and relieves stress and anxiety for both children and adults. It has also been linked to helping kids with ADHD (though there is no confirmed evidence of its medical benefits). Speaking to 13News Now about the claims, Dr. Jeffrey Kratz who specializes in ADHD has said that

 "I think it's a sales thing. I think people were smart enough to attach ADHD and ADD to it."

Some schools around the world are currently banning the toy as it is distracting the children from concentrating in school.

According to Forbes, the science behind this new toy is connected to why humans fidget. It is speculated that fidgeting distracts parts of the brain where random thoughts usually occur. It can also occupy parts of the mind and prevent it from having unhealthy or obsessive thoughts. However, it has been also mentioned that fidgeting can actually help us think and even express ourselves better, as according to studies, physical movement may help the coginitive activities of our brain.

Fidget spinners are available in several sizes and colours that keeps the mind distracted as it spins in the hand. There is no explanation really, for why the world is so excited about it. And no research to how it benefits the mind of children and adults. But it is definitely a source of distraction, although we cannot exactly say whether that is a good thing or a bad thing.


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