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Is joining a Startup worth the Risk?

24 April 2017 - 09:16


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As you advance in your career, you think about if you are happy in your current job. If what you studied is being utilized as it should. Taking the decision to change from a long term job isn’t always easy. There are so many things to consider. From your pay to leave and your comfort zone that was harnessed through years of experience. 

Being in a steady, well-paid job may give you all the perks such as a good salary and overall staff package. But is that what you really want?

This apply to those individuals who wants more than just a stable income. Passion for knowledge and experience of such individuals would not keep them content in a monotonous job, but rather search for a job that is both nourishing and exhilarating. 

One of the best way to gain that experience is to join a startup. However, before you do, follow these tips to see if you are really ready for the nerve-wrecking ride that comes with a startup.

1. Are you ready to step out of your comfort zone?

Startups come with a load of work. The steady income job with the typically predetermined tasks are left behind. 

The reason why it is so exhilarating to work in a startup is due to the diversity of work and experience that comes with it. You are hired to work for an entrepreneur who was willing to take all the risks that comes with a startup. Committing to work in a startup means that you are indeed willing to help take that business towards success. 

2. Research about the company 

Research about the prospective company. Its current position, products and even about the entrepreneur. Try to find out how it came to be and why its products or services are unique from others. Searching articles written on them or checking their website is a good way to search for information. 

3. Ask questions during the Interview

If you finally do apply and get selected for interview, ask questions about the company and how it came to be. Chances are good entrepreneurs will give a brief introduction of their journey, but if they don’t, take the initiative and ask questions to see the type of work and culture in the organization. If you enjoy the interview and believe that you can learn something from them, it is a positive sign that you most probably will enjoy working with them. 

4. Believe in yourself

Trusting yourself is the most important factor out of all these elements. If you don’t believe that you can take on the responsibilities that a startup demand, you will not succeed. Instead embrace your intuition and all the challenges that come from that risk. It will reap its own benefits in the future, especially if you hope to succeed as an entrepreneur yourself. 


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