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Instagram now lets you create stories directly from the mobile website

18 November 2017 - 00:23


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For a long time, we haven't been able to make too much use of the mobile website of Instagram. However, the company has brought some changes, allowing users to have more access to the features of the app through the website version. 

Instagram has introduced the feature of adding photos to stories directly from the mobile website, though it does not support videos as for now. Additionally, users are able to save posts they come across in the feed, and want to revisit later, similar to the application.

While a large part of Instagram users rely solely on the app, there are some who go for the mobile website  for various reasons such as saving up on data. And while Instagram does not have a dedicate 'lite' version such as Facebook and Messenger, the company is working on offline functionality to provide a better experience for users.

Earlier this year, the company also added the ability of posting photos from it's mobile website.

Adding the feature of creating 'stories' straight from Instagram.com, is an important step towards making the website an alternative to those who are unable to or are not using the application. 


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