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Microsoft is reportedly working on a foldable device

27 October 2017 - 19:34


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According to Windows Central, Microsoft is working on a mobile device referred to as 'Andromeda' on the internet. Sources have reported to the blog that Andromeda would be a foldable device running Windows 10 and built with Windows Core OS as well as CShell - two new ongoing projects by the company.

Apparently this upcoming device which could arrive as soon as next year, is going to be in the form of a tablet, with such a designed that it is pocketable when folded like a phone. It is also expected to be able to make phone calls and even send textsm therefore Windows Central is called Andromeda a 'digital pocket notebook.'

"The device puts pen and inking at the very forefront of its experience, with some prototypes opening up into a notebook app that's tied to OneNote with support for your usual inking options via Windows Ink. The notebook app itself is designed in a way that mimics writing in a real notebook, with virtual pages that spread across the foldable device. Of course, since it's Windows it also has a Start screen and menu, as well as the ability to run apps like Edge or Photos." writes Zac Bowden of Windows Central.

Mashable has also highlighted that this device is fairly similar to Microsofts' 'Courier Tablet' that was killed years ago. But now Microsoft is going to go ahead with the concept while creating a brand new market for people who are in need of such a device. 

There are a several details to be known about this mysterious device. Reports do say that the device could be launched in 2018. Regardless, unless Microsoft officially announces their plan, there could be a chance that this might die or even change in the future. 


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