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Twitter to introduce a 'bookmark' feature

10 October 2017 - 23:35


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Twitter has been doing a few changes lately. Most recently, the social network has put on a extended-character count on trial, allowing certain twitter users to have a character limit of upto to 280. But now, the news is spreading that twitter is interested in introducing another new feature that allows users to bookmark tweets that they want to take a second look at later on.

It's called 'Save For Late' - well, going to be called actually. Though the company has not made the announcement themselves, several key employees of Twitter are saying that a bookmarking feature could arrive in the future (or pretty soon).

"Fresh our of HackWeek and coming soon - a new way to save tweets and read later." Tweeted the company's product VP Keith Coleman. He says that it has been a top request, and Twitter wants feedback from the users regarding the feature before they roll out the final version.

The possible arrival of the new feature has been backed up by Associate Product Manager, Jesar Shah - who implied that Japan might be the first country to test out the feature. According to Shah, Twitter users are currently saving tweets for later by either liking them, retweeting, or sending to themselves as a direct message. However, with a dedicated button to bookmark interesting tweets, can provide an easier way for users save for later instead of cluttering up their DM's and likes. 

Shah also shared a short video of an early prototype of the feature and said that the final version is likely to change.

As for now, there are no confirmations from the company. But with employees talking about the feature, we might here something from the social networking company soon.


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