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The Maldives

A Snorkeler's Paradise!

16 July 2017 - 16:24

Aishath Sajuha

Travel enthusiast, amateur artist and blogger.

Whale sharks

Maldives is one of the few places in the world from where you can find a year-round population of whale sharks. And the best location for this, and for guaranteed sightings is the South Ari Atoll, where you’ll be able to head out into the turquoise waters in search of these big threatening shadows.

However, once you set your foot in to the water, the ominous feeling vanishes as you come face to face with these gentle giants, which can weigh up to 20 tonnes. Fun fact – they are only interested in eating the smallest living organisms in the ocean aka planktons.

Manta rays

While Whale sharks are spectacular, some actually prefer snorkeling with the majestic Rays of the ocean, the reef manta found in the Maldives are comparatively large, with a width of up to 4.5 meters, and the heaviest weighing around more than a tonne. What makes this encounter so unforgettable is because of the majestic beasts’ inquisitive nature, they also eat plankton and will approach you with their huge mouth wide open, before doing a last-second twirl right in front of you, what’s more! The Mantas tail does not have a sting, so it’s completely safe.

Dolphins & whales

It is known that 23 types of whales and dolphin inhabit the country’s equatorial waters, if you are lucky you would be able encounter sightings of blue and sperm whales, and it’s almost certain that you would be greeted by a show put on by the spinner dolphins.

Tens of thousands of these spinner dolphins call Maldives their home, and just like their name, their favorite pastime is leaping out of the water at high speed and spinning in midair.

The Maldives is home to more than 2000 species of fish. And from the moment you set you foot into the ocean and waddling in the water, you will find the ocean speaking to you, the ocean is full of life ready to be explored. Form parrot like fishes to rainbow colored fish, you are sure to find everything here.


Sadly, Sea Turtles are classified as threatened species, even though this is the case, they are easily spotted in the Maldives. Turtles are generally friendly and inquisitive, except for when they come up to breath.

Green Sea Turtles can stay under water for up to 8 hours before coming up to breath, and sometimes it can be urgent, so it’s best to stay out of their way.


Yes, the sharks also include in the list, but trust me, they are nothing like you would ever imagine.

There is a certainty that you would encounter a baby reef shark at a resort, as they spend most of their days in the very shallow waters around the atolls, and they are completely harmless, and they’ll run away before you get close enough to take a picture.

However, as these reef sharks get bigger, they move out in to the deeper waters, and if youre lucky you would be able to see one while snorkeling.
and trust me they are as scared of us as we are of them.


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