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A - Z About The Maldives!

10 July 2017 - 09:29

Aishath Sajuha

Travel enthusiast, amateur artist and blogger.

There is so much more to love about this intriguing country, with crystalline waters and long stretches of white sands, which lies peacefully at the center of the Indian Ocean.

This unique archipelago offers as a blissful holiday destination, if distance, seclusion and luxury is what you need.


A is for Atolls!

The Maldives is basically just a collection of coral spines poking from the warm waters, hence making this precious island nation. There are about 1200 islands in the Maldives, from which on 250 are inhabited.


B is for before you go!

It’s obvious a little serious preparation is needed before you vacation in the Maldives, make sure you are prepared for the best and the worst. Ensure your travel insurance covers the region, as you see, Maldives is a long way from home, in fact, a long way from just anywhere.


C is obviously for Children!

If you ever have the thoughts that Maldives is not the ideal location for your kids, you are wrong! Maldives is an excellent place to take your kids, the sea is warm, and swimming is safe in most islands and resorts, since they have reef-protected lagoons, and what’s more, many resorts offer a wide variety of activities especially for the juniors as well.


D is for Diving!

This part of the Indian Ocean is famous as an international dive spot, all resorts facilitate diving, while specialist operators also run trips.  Manta Rays, Whale sharks, name it you’ll see it.


E is for Equatorial!

The Maldives is located on the equator, so it’s pretty clear that there is no bad timing to visit Maldives. Temperate deviate from as high as 20’s to as low as the 30’s.  The months from May to November comes with rainfall since it’s the monsoon season, however the rains are beautiful itself, now if you would please excuse yourself to a retreat by the beach side accommodations and listen to the rain drops on the roofs.


F is for Fun!

Should your island vacation be only about lazing around? No right. Maldives has all the variety of options you could possibly need for your dream vacation.


G is for Global Warming!

With 80% of the country’s land less than 1 meter above sea level, Maldives is forced to consider a future with a diminishing life.


H is for Holidaymakers!

More than 1.2 million tourists visit Maldives each year.


I is for Islam!

Maldives is an Islamic country, with the vast majority of the population being Muslim. However, unlike other Muslim countries, you will have the full independence to be yourself if you’re staying at a resort since the pleasure seeking culture of international resorts are culturally dominant, but if you prefer local islands there are certain rules you must abide to.


J is for Jetlag!

There is no need to even explain what you would experience after several transits and multiple hours in air.


K is for Kurumba!

Kurumba (Coconut) is just enough for that tropical feel.


L is for Luxury!

There is no shortage of luxury available in the resorts all across the country. Name it and its yours!


M is for Male’!

Strangely but the nation’s capital is one of the most densely populated cities in the world. Home to more than 150, 000 people, who are all packed into just 5.8 kilometers.


N is for Nuisances!

There are no aggressive or dangerous animals in the Maldives, however some marine life such as stingrays need to be respected.


O is for on the way!

This is for the transits you need to take in order to get to the Maldives. Airports have excellent transit hotels and a day bedroom can be booked easily, this is well worth it if you want to arrive to your destination refreshed.


P is for Population!

With just a population of about 380,000 – half of the population resides in the capital, Male’.


 Q is for Quality time!

The Maldives is well known Honeymoon destination, and this does not mean the fresh out of the marriage couples. Couples at every stage of their relationship can be found enjoying and taking in the romance of the location.


R is for Rufiyaa!

This is the currency of the country – Maldivian Rufiyaa. However if you are staying at a resort, US dollars would be the preferred currency.


S is for sustainable!

The tourists who are sustainable minded will find so much love on the islands, from sophisticated solar usage to water use schemes, and unlike any part of the world, Maldivian islands are blessed with hours and hours of free sunshine.


T is for Ten Thousand, five hundred kilometers! Not that Maldives is 10,500 km, but it is 10,500 km away from New Zealand.  Which makes it literally a hike across the globe if Maldives is your preferred holiday destination.


U is for Unplug!

Maldives is a long journey away from New Zealand and any other country in particular. And his pure distance from home is the best reason why you should switch off your phone and escape the real world and relax and have the perfect island vacation.


V is for Visas!

All Nationalities are issued with a 30-day free visa on arrival.


W is for Wellness!

A holiday here in the Maldives is a chance to focus on your wellbeing, many resorts offer massage and wellness treatments while fitness is easy to achieve with time on your hands.


 X id for ‘X’ marks the Spot!

Maldives is the spot where you can claim for yourself, there are no shortage of beaches, nor they have restricted numbers per beach. Meaning it is easier to find a pot all to yourself.


Y is for Yoga!

Whether you like Yoga or want to try it for the first time, know that there is something magical about doing yoga on the beach.


Z is for zumba!

Holidaying is all about trying new things after all.


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