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Eid Ul Fitr

22 June 2017 - 13:59

Aishath Sajuha

Travel enthusiast, amateur artist and blogger.

Maldives being an Islamic country, is a nation where the local way of life surrounds itself within the society certain elements of our native religion. Hence comes certain ethical values and festivities, which may seem uncommon for tourists. However, most of these festivities and holidays are part of the long cherished beliefs and holds a vital place within the community.

And of these religious festivals is the Eid Ul Fitr, which is celebrated yearly after the lunar month of Ramadan according to the Islamic Calendar.  The Eid festival marks the end of the fasting period.

Eid celebrations are considered to be the most important festivals in the Islamic Calendar. It is celebrated with devotion and tradition throughout the history of the country. Even though the customs and ways of celebrating have been significantly changing over time, some traditions such as Baibala – which is a sport played during Eid in Maldives, is now held as a yearly competition.

Consistently, however, the one thing that has not changed about Eid celebrations is that the celebrations are an approach to rise above the mundane errands of the regular everyday life and look ahead for a definitive truth if humanity.

The day of the Eid Ul Fitr begins at the mosques in the early hours of the morning where a special prayer is conducted and blessings are provided, and a unique feast of scrumptious dishes are prepared in every house as family members and loved ones are invited after the afternoon prayer.

Moreover, wearing new garments is also a tradition and everyone will be greeting each other saying “Eid Mubarak”.  Evenings will be spent in dancing, music and other modes of such activities such as Boduberu – Traditional mix of songs and dances for men and women on the beat of drums. Other notable events include a traditional game ‘Koadi Kedun’  where the whole society takes part in and also ‘Maali Erun’  which is a costume parade, with people dressed up in bizarre clothing’s and even as devils and legends. 

Furthermore, Muslims take part in various events of aid or in help for the poor during the festival as an act of kindness and faith for all.  In addition for Maldivians, the festival of Eid is also a day to be thankful for all what they have been blessed with. 


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