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Five Main things you should know before your holiday in Maldives.

20 March 2017 - 14:23

Aishath Sajuha

Travel enthusiast, amateur artist and blogger.

Dive in

Spending the holiday at Maldives could be the most ideal Opportunity to learn how to dive. Indian Ocean itself has the world’s greatest dive sites. And if you plan on doing so, do check whether your preferred resort has a dive center. So that you could book any course in advance before arrival.

Schedule your dive lessons accordingly as divers are not advised to fly for 24 hours after their recent dive – this is to reduce the risk of decompression.


Getting to Maldives could be tricky. Mostly if you are coming here from across the globe. It would typically take seven or more hours with a transit to Dubai or any other country along the flight course. And after your final Flight to Maldives – Velana International airport. You will be transferred to your resort via seaplane or speed boats. So if you are visiting straight after your wedding for honeymoon, Don’t! Take your time. Do not underestimate the jetlag all that travelling would cause you.

Early Nights

Don’t expect Nightclubs or pubs in Maldives. Absolutely not. Night owls should come prepared since Maldivian resorts would have light out and would be silent after 11 pm. Not that you cannot roam around or spend time with your loved ones on the resort beach or the bars. You can! But there would not be any activities planned. So manage your expectations or just entertain yourselves somehow.


Local experiences are only limited to the stage shows or fishing excursions or island hopping. Since the resorts are cut down from the local islands by the blissful sea in between, it would be and extra expense to go experience the local life here in Maldives.

Moreover Visas are not required while travelling to Maldives – a 30 day free Visa would be issued on the day of arrival. But you should carry a passport with a six month validity and a valid departure ticket.

Love & Money

You would probably be only accessible in your resorts. In other words captive. But ecstatically captive. So it should not be a problem. However high prices that range from the activities to the meals, in dollars including the taxes would be one.  To control these costs, prefer going on an all-inclusive or half board holiday.


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