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The Maldives

Maldives! A luxury of a lifetime.

16 March 2017 - 15:42

Aishath Sajuha

Travel enthusiast, amateur artist and blogger.

The best place to do absolutely nothing. Even plunging off into a reef loaded with hues, you have likely never experienced before is fulfilling – its love at first sight.

There is a high possibility of encountering a gigantic Manta ray spreading its celestial wings, trailing down its prey of modest planktons. Its magnificent white belly and radiator gills. You could gaze it for as long as you can until it mysteriously vanishes once again.

However, dreams do come with a price. And experiencing this heavenly view does not come of cheap. Just like little spots on the southern Indian Ocean, The Maldives is the Picture perfect definition of a honeymoon Paradise.

It is dreamlike.

A few dozen of these little spots have been developed into lavish resorts with wooden villas to the view of gentle emerald waters splashing against the shore of pictursquare tropical white sandy beaches. Yes it does sound expensive and that’s because it is – not that it is impossible for the budget couples.

But with all the luxuries in the long haul. It is very unlikely. As luxurious as it seems, the chance to swim amongst whale sharks, dine in at underwater restaurants, watching Dolphins swim swiftly and a dozen whales over the course of a single sunset, exotic cocktails and living in complete isolation would not come as easy. 

 (Photo: Gili Lankan Fushi – Maldives)


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