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The Maldives

The Islands of Maldives – where paradise meets reality.

04 September 2017 - 12:39

Aishath Sajuha

Travel enthusiast, amateur artist and blogger.

Maldives can be described as crumbs of emerald green that is enclosed by sparkling turquoise waters which are like scattered pearls in the Indian Ocean. These specks feature fine powdery beaches, tall dazzling palm trees which lean on towards the lagoon, these crystal white sands give away to the pristine clear waters. The shades of turquoise blend flawlessly with the deeper hues of Blue – what’s more? The pristine coral reefs of the Maldives Islands are home to the most spectacular underwater life on the planet. 

These little specks rise from the deep blue within the vast expanse of the Indian Ocean. A little over a thousand islands and another thousand more reefs form the Maldives. 

Imagine a place that is nothing but the sandy beaches and the clear lagoons, what better place is there to relax and enjoy yourself at the same time than the romantic sandbanks that adorn the islands of the Maldives. In Maldives, there is nothing but Surf & the Sun. this is where Paradise meets reality. 

You can choose from a few hundred resort islands that are scattered across the Maldives, for your honeymoon or even for your holiday stay. And allow yourself with the freedom to explore everything that the tropical paradise has to offer. Everything on these islands are designed with luxury & comfort of its travelers in mind, hence making it the busiest tourist destination in the world, per capita half a million people visit Maldives every year in order to rediscover Paradise. 

The Maldives is an archipelago comprising of Sunny, Unique & Unspoiled 1,190 low lying coral islands which are scattered across the equator. These islands are formed in groups of 26, which are naturally occurring atolls which are divided into 20 for administrative purposes. 

These islands of the Maldives are characterized by a unique coral nature, and hence they possess the unique tourism resources that are needed to lure in travelers – mainly with the lagoons & reefs which are associated with the yearlong tropical climate. 

But what is so great about Maldives that it is acclaimed as the Paradise on Earth?

It’s rather obvious, the islands of Maldives are small, yet picturesque with dense flora including shrubs to tall coconut palms, and are surround by a blindingly spectacular white stretches of sand, crystalline waters that exhibit all shades of blue blending well with the hues of the sky, and thus Paradise on Earth. 


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