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Tourist arrival statistics of the month of May 2017

27 June 2017 - 14:58


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According to the tourist arrival statistics of May published by the Ministry of Tourism, Maldives saw 93,491 tourist arrivals that month. This is an increase of 0.3 percent, when compared to the same period last year where 93,228 tourists arrived to the Sunny Side of Life.

Regardless of the 0.3 percent rise, a lot of the markets showed reduction when compared to the previous months. For instance, travellers from the European Region decreased to 1.5 percent, with a 1.4 percent drop of UK tourists compared to last year's May where 7,252 arrived, while this year the recorded number is 7,151. In addition to that, German tourists decreased to 13.8 percent with 8,746 tourist arrivals in May 2017, and a 5.5 percent decrease from France as 2,161 french travellers visited the Maldives. However, May of 2017 saw an increase of 14 percent when it came to Italian travellers, with 3,131 arrivals.

The Russian market brought an increase of 15.8 percent when compared to May 2016, with 3,564 tourist arrivals. Whilst last year recorded 3,077 tourist arrivals. 

One of the major markets to the Maldives - China showed decline as well. The arrival of Chinese tourists dropped by 7.1 percent with a number of 23,225, from the recorded 25,005 travellers of May month last year.

Regardless, the previous month of April 2017, recorded better numbers with few reductions in arrivals of tourists. Especially from the European Market where a total of 61,542 arrived to the Maldives during April. 

Even though the recorded statistics are not ideal when put in comparison to the same period of the previous year, the total number of arrivals have increased this year. The first five months of this year brought 572,318 tourists for their vacation in this beautiful destination which is an increase of 5.8% when compared to the first five months of 2016.


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