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Is your Anxiety stopping you from travelling?

07 May 2017 - 15:58

Aishath Sajuha

Travel enthusiast, amateur artist and blogger.

Some of us are really socially awkward from a young age, the anxiety you get when trying to talk to strangers.Travel often teaches us to get over it, and become an extrovert. It’s either swim or drown in your anxiety while on the road, and somehow our wanderlust guides us through it – teaches us how to swim.

However for some, this isn’t the case. Some people find it rather hard and challenging – panic attacks and disorders may often come in the way. One great way to cope up with this is to write about it, to pour your heart out. Panic attacks can range from, ‘I want to die’ to ‘please save me’.  That tight feeling in your chest, drenching in sweat, feeling pins and pricks everywhere on your body. Yes! It’s hard.  Maybe for a second you would be convinced you are having a heart attack.

These moments, would seize your life. And for those who experience panic attacks more than 10 times a day would increase the chances of having other disorders as well.

You’re not alone!

Anxiety disorders are quite common these days. Only a quarter of these people have a severe condition and even less than 30% receive treatment or even go to the extent of getting diagnosed by a professional.Deciding to travel gives a hope of being more confident and self-assured, while a lot of our family and friends would probably disagree, not sure how strong we actually are.

But in this condition, the lack of faith from your loved ones is the biggest downfall. Nevertheless prove them wrong, let them know you aren’t as weak as they assume.By the time you leave, you will start realizing that your anxiety is actually improving. Even though you suffer from panic attacks, it’s not the same. Travel can actually overcome your anxiety.

The hardest part is convincing yourself to leave, to work up the courage. And how you would deal with anxiety alone in the first few days on the road. And how it will actually help you.

Firstly, all you have to do is calm your mind.

Get yourself out there, remind yourself why you want to travel, picture yourself in the places you want to visit the most, tell yourself that you need to go there, imagine yourself, living your dream. Don’t let your anxiety come in the way.These positive vibes would help you grasp the idea and give you the extra boost to travel the world.

What will happen if you cancel your trip? Imagine after a year, you are most likely to regret not taking the chance when you could. Hitting the road is far better than having the fear of living with regrets

If you’re still not sure...

Plan ahead. Just a few days.Look for a map or photos of your arrival destinations, google what to do when you get lost ans take all the necessary precautions. By focusing on each step, you would feel in control and you won’t have the fear of the unexpected. And if this doesn’t help and if you think travel isn’t for you, going back home is always an option. 

And remember this doesn’t mean you failed. It just means you tried something new and you just didn’t like it.


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