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Packed and Ready to Go!

04 June 2017 - 14:08

Aishath Sajuha

Travel enthusiast, amateur artist and blogger.

Travelling to a new city, a new country, somewhere you have never been to before is and amazing cultural experience. 
Packing for an international trip is, well, a pretty stressful experience. 
You’ll be stuck in-between thoughts of ‘will I need this there?’ ‘Should I buy a power adapter?’ etc. 
Here are some of the accessories and gadgets you might want to take with you on your journey. 

A portable battery: keeping your phone all juiced up no matter what situation you are isn’t just a convenience anymore, it’s a basic necessity. 

A Carry-On suitcase: not just any carry on suitcase, a smart one! Some of the recently features carry-ons come with a removable interior 10,000 mAh battery and two USB ports – you can now easily charge up your phone and even the portable battery before a long flight. 

Extra-Long charging cables: Six foot charging cables? Yes! These are absolutely amazing. It’s the perfect cable, it’s lazy but convenient. 

A Portable Bluetooth speaker: Speakers could seem like an unnecessary thing to bring on an international trip. However it is quite versatile, for relaxation and to liven up your stay.

Power Adapter:  Pick up a travel adapter which comes with an outlet and also built in USB ports, this way you can charge up your devices simultaneously.

Voltage Converter: Not all travel adapters are suitable for powering high voltage electronic appliances. Voltage converters are perfect for converting wattage of appliances to conform to foreign outlets. 

Instant Camera: this is a fun addition to your suitcase, making photo-taking a little bit personal on your next trip. Once you’re back home, these photos would give you a throwback to your favorite moments and see them instantly. 

Over- ear Headphones: you will want a pair when you travel on a plane. Why over-ears? Its noise cancelling pair or even regular ones will drown out so much noise, and will make a huge difference when you travel on international flights.

Selfie stick: Selfie sticks may seem silly, but serves a practical purpose on vacations.

Keep yourself equipped and never miss out on what could be best times of your life.


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