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The Art of Losing Friends

27 May 2017 - 15:51

Aishath Sajuha

Travel enthusiast, amateur artist and blogger.

This is something to think about.

After being away on the road, from friends and family, there will be a time you will find yourself back home. Homesick and excited to resume back into your old life - Old friendships, family members.

You will tend to make dinner plans, family gatherings and even night outs, however don’t be surprised if some people fail to show up or respond.

Because this is the sad moment, you start to realise one awful truth – while you busy exploring the world, your friends slowly crept out of your life, through the back door.

And the worst part is, unlike you, they aren’t coming back

And these friends are the friends that ghosted.

After being away for more than half a year, and coming back home eager to reconnect and meet your friends, because you missed them, their stories and mostly presence. One thing you should know about friendships are that they are hard to maintain, even when you basically live with the same city. So it’s no surprise that it would be harder to maintain these bonds when its especially through a larger distance. 

Everyone moves, everyone changes. There is always something new, someone new and making time for each other could be a constant battle while in a highly conflicted schedule. 

Making plans two weeks into the future or way ahead is a common thing nowadays, since our lives are somewhat functioning on a fixed timetable.

You might have higher expectations from your friends, despite the missed connections and notices absences. But bear this in mind, while you were away. You too have been ghosted on. And many of your friends and people who you used to adore would take this as an excuse to exit out of your life. 

Yes! It is sad. And it is completely normal to feel sad about it. 

You might wonder, what your fault was, and what you could do to get them back.

However, it isn’t your fault. 

Going away and coming back would eventually show you who your real friends are. 

Going away isn’t the reason you lost friends, they weren’t there to begin with. Most people nowadays have a wide social network, and you might be in the misconception that, just because you are in this “circle” your friendships ae way deeper than they are, which is unlikely.

Travelling will show you which of these friendships were actually deep and which ones were there for the namesake. It’s true, friends come and go. Whether you travel or not – people will change and will grow apart. 

It’s very sudden, shocking and highly depressing. 

And maybe sometimes, you are the friend that left. 

And also maybe the ones that left would wonder how you are, and maybe a part of them would wish they knew. 

Just remember, stop worrying about those who ghosted away and think about those who stayed and appreciate their presence. 

And be grateful for that.


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