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Traveling Accordingly - your own Travel Manifesto

09 May 2017 - 16:31

Aishath Sajuha

Travel enthusiast, amateur artist and blogger.

Travelling is a life changing experience – it effects both the destination we travel to and ourselves. Whenever we leave one place, we leave a part of us behind, a part of us we don’t need. We walk away with a better version ourselves.

All who love to travel have the opportunity to break the barriers and build our own comfort zone leaving the old one behind. We are able to adapt to the cultural changes and a unique chance to influence communities across the globe positively. Travelling gives us a chance to banish the stereotypes of our own cultures and inspire the local economy, have fresh ideas and perspectives of places.

However, some of us take wrong advantage of the benefits that come with travelling. They become the worst of themselves – treating destinations as their own, their personal self-indulgent toy. The sad part of this is that, nowadays we see travelers like this everywhere, too many travelers become obnoxious to locals, disrespect local customs or just throwing up on the streets. 

Therefore, in order to get the most out of our travels, we need to adapt to positive social exchange, and have a great time. In other words, just be yourself. 

.Be the type of travelers that locals love and tell their kids about. Be that traveler who makes a difference. 

Take a pledge with yourself

•Read about the local customs and traditions and their way of living before you get there. 

•Respect local cultures and customs.

•Local food above all. 

•Learn some phrases in their local language – the important ones. 

•Face your fears – at least one of them.

•Do not bargain over less than a dollar – it’s their source of income as well. 

•Have patience.

•Do not be a loud, obnoxious traveler who demands the locals. 

•Be Humble.

•Travel is no excuse to ignore personal hygiene.

•Have no regrets about staying out late, but respect the others who share your accommodation and their sleep.  

•Get to know other travelers who travel with you.

•Travel is no competition, it’s a personal experience.

•Do not judge people depending on their travels, or how they travel. 

•No one cares how many places you’ve been to, don’t boast about your personal travels.

•Do not whine about how a particular destination was 10 years ago, nor listen to others who do.

•Do not waste time updating statuses or clicking pictures, enjoy the moment.

•Travel slowly

•Have no regrets on last minute plan changes. 

•Go in the direction of your hearts desires.

•Follow your wanderlust 

•Travelling is an honor and remember to please yourself.

•Be grateful for all the memories you get to make.


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