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30 April 2017 - 10:31

Aishath Sajuha

Travel enthusiast, amateur artist and blogger.

There are lots of things you could learn while travelling.

You will learn the differences in culture and how we could incorporate it with our career.

Yes! It is not a myth that travel makes you into a better person, a good friend, a lover and just overall a good human. 

But have you ever thought how you could incorporate all these features whilst working, or make such an environment in your workplace?

Keeping an Open Mind

Whether you are in the same position for like a decade or so, having an open mind would always keep you on the top, and will always minimize the risks of failing. And if there is one important thing you should learn from travelling, it is that, there is so much you can control. You will mess up, you will fall down, and yes there would be times you would want to strangle your boss or those working under you.

So keep an Open Mind when things fall apart, and just go with the flow, as if you have it under control, and yes it will come under control eventually, so why stress it. 


Okay so, travelling is an addiction. New people, new places mostly new experience, and It can be tempting. 

So when choosing a job, do consider the office environment. If you like something different, always choose a job that offers exciting new experiences – marketing and public relations for example. 

And if your job involves the same tasks, same place, same routine, yes you will get bored and it will seem old. 

So the key here is to make sure you are happy with where you work at. 

Consistency and working hard

What if you turn your passion into a business?

While travelling, it is likely to come across people who inspire you. Who makes you want to be like them, so remember...

Nobody starts from the top, you will have to work really hard, and smile. Make sure to share your passion with those around you, you will be the happiest and also would make others feel the same. Success comes from working hard consistently. 

We all are human, we all want to be successful, and to be understood. 

So when your boss or employee, pisses you off. 

Calm down! Relax! Don’t lash out. 

Every action has its consequences. And remember we all want the same things in life. After all, we are all human.


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