TR Authenticates the quality of digital media for Maldives’ largest brands.

Authentic Impression

The definitive measure of digital media quality.

The impression that you expect

Fully viewed by a real person in a brand-safe environment

TR authenticates the quality of

Each digital media impression

Over 50% of digital ads are never seen.

TR patented technology eliminates ad fraud before your media bid.

Deterministic Bot Technology

Real time metrics

Viewability optimization
at your fingertips

MRC-accredited data

supports make goods for video and display

Digital ad fraud can erode
over ⅓ of your media investment.

TR ensures you only pay for ads that are viewable.

Deterministic Bot Technology

Pinpoints 99.7% of non-human bot traffic.

Dual verification

Technology exposes sophisticated site fraud
- stacked & hidden ads
- URL masking
- impression laundering

TR technology uncovers

masked URLs that disguise copyright
infringement sites with


More than 10% of online ads turn
up on inappropriate content.

TR provides the transparency
to safeguard brand integrity.

Over 75 site classifications deliver

maximum protection
and reach.

TR real-time blocking

prevents risky ad placements before
they appear — for display and video.

TR protects your digital video ads

on any ad server, anywhere.

protects your programmatic placements.

We authenticate the quality of each ad impression before your bid is placed.

Viewable, fraud-free, brand-safe ads.

TR columns is the Maldives’ first News & Content platform providing digital media impressions with the highest visibility in the country